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Perfect Picnic Wines & Pairings


Pack the essentials

- Goat cheese
- Cured meats
- Dependable wine key

Let’s plan an afternoon outdoors!

The following pairings are some of my suggestions to fill your personalized picnic basket with.
If you have any personal picnicking favorites - please share your thoughts below!


If you’re wondering - where can I drink outside?
I’ll reference Chapter Ten in Marissa Ross’ book Wine. All The Time.

“I believe wine is for everywhere, because it captures everything. Well, not ‘everywhere’, it’s not for the driver’s seats of vehicles or heavy machinery, not for job interviews or court appearances... and definitely not for school.”

I know there are many laws prohibiting drinking in public in America, which is inconvenient and annoying.
I guess what I’m getting at: It’s up to you to decide what rules you choose to follow in life!

Another (more legal) suggestion:
~ Your backyard
~ A friend's pool
~ Call your favorite local winery (or one you haven't tried yet!) :
       -ask if they allow guests to bring offsite food & you can purchase their            wine on property
      - who doesn’t want to have a picnic surrounded by grapevines?!

Chilled Wine, Oh Yeah

**If you attended any of our Wine Bees pairing events in Summer 2018**
You would have made an observation: We chilled some of our RED wines.

What? Chilled red wine?

You do not want to chill anything that is medium or full bodied
- Make sure that Cabernet, Syrah, Malbec, etc. is 56-64F

However, if you’re drinking

  • Pinot Noir

  • Gamay

Other light bodied reds

If it is warm outside, feel free to chill it!
**Especially if you plan on drinking it in the great outdoors.

Keeping Wine Cold

-The best bet to having cold wine, is starting with cold wine.
~Be sure to throw your bottle(s) in the refrigerator the night before or a few hours before you plan to embark on your picnic adventure
~If you forget (are you human or something?) put it in the freezer for up to 30 minutes.

- Purchase a wine koozie (I've included some examples in photos below)
~ If you decide to purchase a picnic kit, many of the wine focused styles come with insulated bottle holders (2 different backpacks are in photos below - one has two insulated pockets!)
~ I have several wine bottle koozies and they all work well, price point isn't a huge issue - this is your opportunity to buy something weird/cute that's also useful.

-Invest in ice packs.
~ No one likes soggy anything. Don't put ice in a ziplock and put it on top of your delicious food because you can't muster the energy to order something on Amazon or go the extra aisle at Target. It's going to be gross and you're going to be mad at yourself and the environment is going to be mad at you for using another ziplock.

Sparkling Wine


  • lightly sweet

  • pear, peach & apple flavors

(great options at Costco, Trader Joe’s)

-- As long as it has the DOC/DOCG, give it a try!
    ~DOC /DOCG means it’s made in the same style & approved for the legal          labeling of that region - so it’s going to be good

Serve very chilled

Pair with:
~ Peaches (try them grilled!)
~ Chips & Salsa
~ Prosciutto- wrapped Melon
~ To-Go Thai Food

Blanc de Blanc

Dry sparkling wine made with only Chardonnay grapes, perfect substitute for Champagne

Served very chilled

Pair with:
~ Fried Chicken
~ Nutella & Strawberry finger sandwiches
~ Cinnamon Rolls
~ Baklava

Sparkling Rosé

Try one from New Mexico, many are made Methode Champenoise
high quality & delicious

Serve very chilled

Pair with:
~ Fresh Strawberries
~ Gruyere
~ Dried Mangos
~ Cured Meats (Salami, Prosciutto,etc.) 


A red sparkling wine, lightly sweet and one of the oldest varietals worldwide

- Have you tried this wine before? It tends to have a poor reputation however, if you buy the right bottle it’s absolutely delicious and extremely unique.
~Look for “Secco” for dry or “Semisecco” for off-dry if you don’t like sweet wine

Serve chilled

Pair with:
~ Fresh Raspberries
~ Blue Cheese (bring a baguette & honey for an extra flavor burst!)
~ Cherry Pie
~ Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

White Wine

Albariño or Alvarinho

Refreshing, fruit forward, dry & they’re next door neighbors!
- Albariño is from Spain, Alvarinho is from Portugal

Serve Chilled

Pair with:
~ To-Go Indian cuisine
~ Apple Tarts
~ Key Lime Pie
~ Fresh Honeydew Melon

Dry Riesling

This wine pairs perfectly with picnic blankets, sunshine and great conversation.
Zippy, bursting with floral and fruity notes

- Dry Riesling is one of the highest quality white wines on the market and Americans are behind on this “trend”

Serve Chilled

Pair with:
~ Cucumber Feta Bites
~ Mango Chutney & Chips
~ Lemon Tart
~ Peaches



Rosé shopping can be really fun, it’s an easy style to experiment with.
You can find simple, light flavors or more complex bottles - it’s all in the winemakers hands!

Some of our suggestions:

  • Argentinian Rosé made with Malbec grapes

  • Anderson Valley made with Pinot Noir

  • A classic French Rosé

Serve Chilled

Pair with:
~ Watermelon
~ Dried Mangos
~ Tomatoes tossed in Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar (top with fresh basil or add green onions or leeks for extra flavor)
~ Comté

Red Wine


A slightly sweet red wine that is popular in Germany and virtually unknown in American markets.

This is a great pairing wine, consider it a cousin to Pinot Noir
- Low in tannins
- Fruit driven
- Cherry notes

Serve Chilled

Pair with:
~ Gorgonzola Brie
~ Herb Roasted Rotisserie Chicken
~ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
~ Fresh Cherries


One of my all- time favorite wine styles!
Affordable with a great story and ever growing in popularity.

The French call this their harvest wine - they serve it to all the people working in the vines, picking grapes, pressing, crushing etc. and share it as they feast at the end of their hard, long days.

This wine is:
- juicy
- refreshing
- strawberry flavors

Drink it by itself or paired with light fare.

Serve lightly chilled

Pair with:
~ Swiss & Salami Bites (just bring a package of each or skewer beforehand for Instagram worthy effort)
~ Smoked Salmon & Baguette
~ Fried Chicken
~ Fresh red fruits (strawberries, cherries, raspberries)


Austria’s most planted red grape

This wine is: 
- Bright
- Tart
- Fruity
- Perfect for picnics!

Serve slightly chilled

Pair with:
~ Marscapone & Baguette
~ Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
~ Herb Goat Cheese
~ Bruschetta 


These are just some of our favorite wines and suggested pairings. Any wine can be a great outdoor wine when paired with good weather and great company. 

Our main goal is for you to get out there & enjoy yourself.

*Don't forget sunblock!