Events. Personalized Experiences. Education.

Events. Personalized Experiences. Education.

Personalized Event - Reservation Fee


Personalized Event - Reservation Fee


Personalized Experience

Plan your personalized event with Wine Bees: A Sommelier guides your group through flavor profiles of wines, how to properly taste wine, why and how pairings work, the history and culture of different wine regions and exploring food and wine for a fun, educational and delicious experience.

Each Wine Bees Event Includes (at minimum):

-5 Wine Samples per person & 6 pairings per person

-Each Wine Bees experience lasts approximately two hours.

-Wine Bees provides Bamboo Cheeseboards and wine glasses – so you don’t have to spend time or money setting up or cleaning up!

-Each guest is provided a wine tasting guide and detailed information packet that they’re invited to take home.

-Wine Bees offers the option of one or two games to be played at each event. Our games provide further education into the regions being discussed, creating a light-hearted atmosphere.

Pricing can vary based on region, pairing choices and guest count.


$100 non-refundable reservation fee.

$35 per person: minimum of 10 guests.

(Minimum $450)

Large groups can be accommodated and must be planned a minimum of three weeks in advance.



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